In response to the recent advancement on clean hydrogen generation, storage, supply, and usage as a means to take advantage of availability of renewable energy , we have established i Labo Corporation, an engineering company that provides “conversion and retrofit technologies for hydrogen fueled internal combustion engines (ICEs)” and “consultations for associated hydrogen supply and ecosystems”.

Although ICE technology has been a mature technology and is an indispensable power source for the modern industries, concerns over environmental influence due to emissions from fossil fuels have increased in recent years.

In the automotive industry, the development and commercialization of electronic vehicles (EVs) and fuel cell vehicles (FCVs) powered by electric motors are being promoted as a solution to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, mainly for passenger vehicles.

However, a viable option to eliminate greenhouse gas emission from ICEs have been overlooked in the market.

ICE is a key technology that has been serving as the primary power source other than passenger cars, such as commercial trucks, trailers, ships, heavy machineries and power generators that require continuous high power output in various environmental conditions for the operation. Needless to say, ICE is supported by large industrial infrastructures and supplier chains.

Though the market size for those sectors are much smaller compared to the size of the passenger car market, the total amount of global warming gas currently emitted by these sectors is estimated to be around 1.5 times of the amount of emissions from all passenger cars in Japan.

The current climate change demands immediate actions to be taken. We believe that the conversion and retrofit of ICEs to be operated with clean Hydrogen is crucial for high-power demand applications thus we are looking to work with:

  • Users in all fields currently using ICE;
  • Companies in all fields that produce equipment using ICE;
  • All companies involved in conversion of ICEs to Hydrogen fuel;
  • Companies that are promoting the hydrogen supply market; and
  • Users around the world expecting effective use of hydrogen fueled ICEs (H2ICEs).

As a leading engineering company that advocates the usage enhancement of hydrogen through hydrogenation of ICEs, we look forward to building business relationships with other professionals in the field that share our vision.


Company Profile

Company Name i Labo Corporation
Address bizcube 7F, 5-6-12, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo Japan 104-0061
Telephon +81-3-5931-8197
Establishment November 1, 2019
Management Co-Founder                             Tetsuo Iwasaki
President CEO                         Izumi Nakayama
Representative Director            Kimitaka Yamane
Vice President                         Teddy Ishikawa
Senior Director                        Ryo Katagiri
Senior Director                        Miyako Suga
Services □ Market Information & Technical Consultation Services of H₂ICE
□ R&D, Trial Production, Design and Project Management of H₂ICE
□ Manufacturing Process Certification Service of Retrofit for H₂ICE
□ Training and Certification Services of H₂ICE Technology
□ i Labo Original (Design) Parts Supply



Tetsuo Iwasaki



Izumi Nakayama

President CEO


Kimitake Yamane, Ph.D

Representative Director


Teddy Ishikawa

Vice President


Ryo Katagiri

Senior Director


Miyako suga

Senior Director